Entry #9

For those who still listen to my stuff

2017-10-22 05:28:49 by Domenstain

Thank you for all of the listens and downloads these past three years now! I truly appreciate the time you gave to my music, it means a lot to know you guys enjoyed it! But it's been so long since I've been around, where have I been? And that would be doing my own thing. I loved to do the music in my free time, but I'm 18 now, I've a lot more responsibility than when I was younger. I can't find the time to sit and make more stuff... For those who want to listen to more of my style of interpeting the world, I can't promise but can tell you of plans for a band called Acryllic Pastel which if to a point gets to record, I will put on here and my bandcamp. They would be revamped and such if it gets somewhere like that, but for now, I'm not sure where the Domenstain name will go. Life has been a real adjustment from when I last produced music, getting used to college and high school at the same time. To summarize what you've read:

  • More Domenstain music, while unlikely, is not Impossible. I had ideas for song names and the next album title, but boy would I have to make time
  • Acryllic Pastel Could become a thing and start to put music here and up on bandcamp, who knows? Not out of range
  • You may not hear from me that much, I will try to be here more often than never

Thank you again for caring this much to stick around, I hope we can still have a music maker to listener kind of relationship, stay classy Newgrounders!


Newgrounds Self Proclaimed King of Stains


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