2016-03-30 02:12:24 by Domenstain

So hey! All my music has been posted to SoundCloud! Just thought i'd let you guys know. That's it for now, no new music coming up or anything, at least none planned,

Quick Update!

2016-02-26 19:32:01 by Domenstain

Well, If you have been to my bandcamp, youll notice Zealous and Forestland may still be there sround the time of this post... They will be replaced with my new Album, "This is What Being Alone Sounds Like." The songs will now be on that album, no longer an EP or anything. Just letting you guys know.

Good News to my Music Fans!

2016-02-26 01:57:42 by Domenstain

So hey! I decided to get back on my music maker app, and made a new original song and remastered an oldie! (My first song in fact) Im looking for one more song i can make, perhaps as a collab this time, so i can have ten songs minimum on my new album! (Just so you guys are aware, My EP and Cassingle are going to be part of this album, they will make up 6/10 of it, while four new songs from this year will be released, those being one yet to announce, my first song now remastered, Isolation Song as part of the cassingle (it was made this year,) and one i have yet to make, or collab with) It's gonna be great!

Hey Newgrounds,

2016-01-22 01:33:16 by Domenstain

I'm going to be taking a break from my solo music work, and go full collab for a while, I've been researching new electronic music studios as well as a way to record my drums better than i can now, Electronic music and I have had a good run, however it is for the better that i find a new way to work things. If you'd like to collab with me, feel free to message me or email me @ Sorry it wasn't exactly good news, however I'm still making music in collab form, so that's sort of good? XD I don't know,

New Year!

2016-01-02 23:03:21 by Domenstain

Well its a brand new year! But, gee, I really dont know what to expect this year, I haven't any motive for making music quite yet, what with my latest collab, and no new ideas for songs, I'm pondering what this year will bring. Now that the websites up, I suppose its just upkeeping that for now. Perhaps with enough collabs I'll get a new album out, but for now, maybe I'll try my hand at voice acting again too, who knows? I have a whole new year of possibilities. You know? I've got it, I'm gonna make the most of it!



The Domenstain website is now up! I hadnt plans to make a website, but I did anyways! It's not anything huge, just a small showcase of projects, if you would like to visit, I'll leave the URL below!

One Year on Newgrounds!

2015-12-02 01:22:57 by Domenstain

I've had a pretty great year on Newgrounds, though I'm a month late for noticing, but hey! Nonetheless, my musics performed just as I thought it would, and my one piece of art about the same. I even took up voice acting thanks to my time! :D As well as everyone on here, being able to support them, and giving my say in things. Thanks to everyone who has made my time on Newgrounds enjoyable!




2015-09-04 03:10:23 by Domenstain

Hey Newgrounds! Both my Album and EP are up on BandCamp! If You've listened to me on here and thought to yourself "He's pretty good, but I want downloads." Well now you can! There are 15 songs up now, and if I get a lot of downloads I'll put out my remix album on BandCamp as well. Thank you if you have supported me already, it truly means a lot! :D